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Life is like a book! If you don´t travel, you only get to read the first page. I want to know the whole story from the beginning to the very end. So I go out there, go places, see things, swallow impressions and live the cultures I see. I feel the need to expand and I want you to expand yourself. Live a life of an open mind. Only those who aren't afraid to lose sight of the shore can be able to see the world like it is. A various, colourful place that offers endless possibilities. 


be you. be limiloulu. 

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High-End Gallery Quality - Photography Art  


Are you searching for a special gift for your friends, your family or just for yourself?


TATSPHOTOGRAPHY offers special moments, printed in Gallery quality. On acrylic glass, with or without a frame - the choice is totally up to you. There are even no limits regarding the size you chose!


For special wishes regarding size and shape - feel free to contactme@limiloulu.de 

Any picture at that page can be printed!! Prices vary by size and material.


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